The Nedola Initiative Ltd

                                the best interest of society!

Our Services

Our Services include the following:

Advisory – Strategy seats at the base of our advisory services. We deploy know how gleaned from years of experience working on various projects and programmes, passionately gathering relevant knowledge, to help guide clients through sustainable development initiatives of various kinds. From design to implementation we provide insight that makes all the difference between outstandingly successful results and average results or total failure.

Assurance – Our objectivity is something that is a very integral part of our corporate identity and this puts us in a good position to assure Sustainability processes, projects, and/or programmes. With TNIL on the beat, you can be rest assured there will be NO compromises!

Research and Development – It is commonly said and we believe that whatever is not measured will be hard to improve upon, and because measurement in Sustainability Management is not simply a case of addition and subtraction, we make available our expertise in the area of research and development to drill into the questions of what, why, how, and when?

Our relevant knowledge of the industry enables us perform creditably well in the area of qualitative data analysis. This in addition to our knowledge of tested and proven quantitative data gathering and processing techniques, puts us in an enviable position of being able to research and develop sustainable development issues and ideas of all kinds.

Philanthropy Management – One major way of ensuring society remains sustainable is by having the ‘strong’ support the ‘weak’ and one 'age long' avenue of doing this is the use of Foundations and other such not-for-profit vehicles which enable strong individuals and/or organisations remain focused on their primary areas of expertise that put them in position to support the weak in the first place. We are well-learned and experienced in midwifing such processes. 

We essentially help our clients remain focused on what they are best at while we use our love for and expertise in Sustainability (Sustainable Development) to help them support the weak.

Public Policy Formulation – Governance remains probably the best way to ensure a sustainable society. To this end, we provide our expertise in the area of thinking through and deploying formulated policy.

Our qualitative analysis, strategy development and evaluation, as well as Sustainable Communications Management skills are brought to bear in this area.